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StormTech Underground Stormwater Detention & Infiltration Systems

Our Products

StormTech chambers have been subjected to advanced in-ground testing and high-level industry expert
review. They have been evaluated to support HS-2O live loads following current AASHTO procedures for loads,
structural capacity and factor of safety when installed per StormTech's Chamber installation instructions.


Isolator Row

  • The Isolator Row is a row of StormTech chambers, including SC-310, SC-310-3, SC-740, DC-780, MC-3500 or MC4500 models. They are surrounded with filter fabric and connected to a closely located manhole for easy access. The fabric wrapped chambers provide for settling and filtration of sediment as storm water rises in the Isolator Row and ultimately passes through the filter fabric. The open bottom chambers and perforated sidewalls (SC-310, SC-310-3 and SC-740 models) allow storm water to flow both vertically and horizontally out of the chambers.