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SC-310™ Chamber

The StormTech SC-310™ is an ideal solution for Stormwater systems requiring low rise and wide span solutions. This low-profile chamber allows the storage of large volumes at minimum depths.


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Nominal SC-310 Chamber Specifications:

Chamber Size (Installed L x W x H)

34.0" x 16.0" x 85.4"

864 mm x 406 mm x 2169 mm


Chamber Storage

14.7 ft3

0.4 m3


Chamber Weight


16.8 kg

Installed Storage Volume per Chamber:

With 6" Stone Base

31.0 ft3

0.9 m3


With 12" Stone Base

35.7 ft3

1.0 m3


With 18" Stone Base

40.4 ft3

1.1 m3


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