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MC-3500™ Chamber

Designed to meet the most stringent industry performance standards for superior structural integrity while providing designers with a cost-effective method to save valuable land and protect water resources. The MC-3500 chamber is designed primarily to be used under parking lots, thus maximizing land usage for commercial and municipal applications.


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Nominal MC-3500 Chamber Specifications:

Chamber Size (Installed L x W x H)

86” x 77” x 45”

2184 mm x 1956 mm x 1143 mm


Chamber Storage

109.9 ft3

3.11 m3


Chamber Weight

134 lbs

60.8 kg

Installed Storage Volume per Chamber:

With 9" Stone Base

178.9 ft3

5.06 m3


With 12" Stone Base

184.0 ft3

5.21 m3


With 15" Stone Base

189.2 ft3

5.36 m3


With 18" Stone Base

194.3 ft3

5.50 m3


Nominal MC-3500 Endcap Specifications

Endcap Size (Installed L x W x H)

22.5” x 77” x 45”

571mm x 1956mm x 1143mm


Endcap Storage

14.9 ft3



Endcap Weight

49 lbs 


Installed Storage Volume per Endcap

With 9" Stone Base

46.0 ft3

1.33 m3


With 12" Stone Base

48.6 ft3

1.38 m3


With 15" Stone Base

50.3 ft3

1.43 m3


With 18" Stone Base

152.0 ft3

1.47 m3